When you look at the children at Wells of Hope Junior School with their innocent faces and
brilliant smiles, they are so moving given their circumstances and backgrounds. Being part of
one of the group counseling sessions that happens often to counsel, encourage and build self-
esteem among the children, I was blown away by the maturity that the little angels exude.
The topic being handled was pain in perspective, guided by the cognitive therapy workbook. It
was an interactive discussion and it was emotionally overwhelming to hear how the little ones
were dealing with the unseen pain that they are dealing with beneath their young shells. They
shared how they felt every time they were annoyed and you would not believe the things that
they mentioned; they always feel like fighting, killing, and cutting off connections, to mention
but a few. When you hear this humanly speaking, you would think that maybe these little ones
are very far away from grace…..but isn’t this the way each one of us feels every time we are
provoked by the circumstances that choke us during our day-to-day dealings with the world?
What is so amazing is that they know that it is human to have pain but it’s un-Godly to harbor it
for a very long time, they know that the more you hang onto the pain the more hurt you become.
The only solution they had was forgiveness and JESUS. This coming from the little ones left me
thankful to Wells of Hope for allowing to be used by God towards these marginalized little souls
but also, thankful for the grace so rare that does not differentiate the young and the old.
Compile by: Winnie Esther Nalweyiso
Project Officer Psychosocial